Qool Therapeutics

Dedicated to creating non-invasive, efficient temperature management therapies to preserve cells, and improve both quality and length of life.

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Qool Therapeutics

An early stage company that is developing a novel non-invasive therapeutic hypothermia device for targeted temperature management and exercise recovery.

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What is therapeutic hypothermia?

Therapeutic hypothermia, or targeted temperature management, is a medically controlled  2-5 ºC reduction of patient body temperature slowing inflammation, cell damage, and reducing cell oxygen requirements.

  • Therapeutic hypothermia, or targeted temperature management, dates back several millennia to the time of Hippocrates and has well established clinical benefits.
  • Cooling is pluripotent and acts on a range of cell functions to slow inflammation, limit cell damage and reduce cell oxygen requirements.
  • Therapeutic hypothermia is an established protective adjunct in vascular neurosurgery, aortic aneurysm repair, and cardiovascular surgery.
  • Rapid reduction of a patient’s temperature by just 2°Centigrade leads to dramatic tissue preservation with virtually no side effects.
  • Currently, there is an unmet need for non-invasive, efficient cooling therapies that are easily compatible with the flow of patient care.
  • Therapeutic hypothermia is the “gold standard” treatment for reperfusion injury and an established protective adjunct in vascular neurosurgery, aortic aneurysm repair, and cardiovascular surgery.
  • It is the standard of care for treatment of patients with cardiac arrest and also has applications in several areas of emergent care, including acute myocardial infarction, stroke, traumatic brain injury, cardiogenic shock, status epilepticus, encephalitis/meningitis, burns, heat stroke and hyperthermia and sepsis.
  • The technology has important applications in the military battlefield especially in the areas of traumatic brain injury, shock, and burns.
  • Cooling an athlete with elevated temperature by just 0.8⁰C results in faster exercise recovery and performance improvement.

Why Qool Therapeutics?

Therapeutic hypothermia using existing technologies is limited by poor cooling efficiency, or an inability to integrate into the flow of care, compromising the opportunity for successful outcomes.

Competitive efforts have had limited success in accessing a 5 million patient market with a rapidly deployable portable device due to the invasive or inefficient nature in which these therapies are delivered.

Qool Therapeutics’ proprietary patented technology is designed to provide a safe, simpler and faster option for patients compared to other current competitive devices.

The Qool Therapeutics System

The Qool Therapeutics System fulfills the unmet need for a non-invasive, rapid cooling device that is readily compatible with the flow of patient care.

Designed to deliver aerosolized frozen saline particles to the lungs, the Qool Therapeutics System utilizes the large surface area of the lungs and direct blood path to the heart and brain to efficiently cool the body similar to the way a radiator cools the engine of a car.

The Company has large animal feasibility data that demonstrates faster cooling rates than any competitor with no adverse physiologic effects, temperature maintenance, and controlled re-warming.

Qool Therapeutics has several issued patents on therapeutic hypothermia methods and devices targeting the heart and brain that can be easily integrated in the flow of care for the early utilization, including portability, in an ambulance or battlefield setting.

About the Team

The Company was founded by serial entrepreneur Amir Belson, M.D., a pediatric nephrologist, and founder of Neoguide Systems, Vascular Pathways, Zipline Medical, Vasostitch and Radiaction.

The management team also includes Beverly Huss, M.S.  Ms. Huss has both large and small company senior  management experience as the former co-founder and CEO of Vibrynt, Inc., former president of Guidant Endovascular Solutions, and former Vice President and General Manager of Guidant’s coronary stent business prior to the sale of the company to Abbott Vascular.

In addition to the management team outlined above the company has established a scientific advisory board of clinical and technical experts in the field of therapeutic hypothermia.